Penrose V.19


Penrose (named after the triangle) is Blueprint's “house” espresso. We feel the perfect espresso is an impossible goal, but we still strive to create it. Penrose is the ever-updated offering in the quest for the perfect espresso. While the seasonal components at times may be single-origin, and at others a blend, it is always perfect for your hopper.

Penrose also does well in the brewer – look for notes of lasting sweetness and heavy body, with a subdued acidity.

We’ve had v19 of this espresso blend targeted for some months now. It combines 80% of washed San Carlos, Guatemala (the same as will be in Tektōn v14) and 20% Natural Dimtu, Ethiopia. We used San Carlos in a version of Penrose last year and have been thoroughly enjoying the Dimtu as a single origin this year. Expect exciting shots!

Look for notes of berry, dried cherry, chocolate mousse, lime and orange.

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