Colombia - La Fortuna


This is our second season featuring coffee from the one hectare farm of Ener Arney Patiño, located in El Carmen, Nariño. Though we have phenomenal relationships with the trading partners that make our Colombian offerings available to us (Royal Coffee New York and Pergamino Coffee Exporters in Medellín), we have not yet had the chance to visit Nariño, where coffee is harvested at a different time of year than in regions we’ve purchased from in the past, and is furthermore a relatively long trip from our usual home base of Medellín. Nonetheless, this micro lot first made its way into our lineup because our main partner here in the US, Joe Borg, knows our taste and ideological eccentricities so darn well. Ener Arney’s coffee is grown at roughly 2,035 meters above sea level, and undergoes a twenty four hour fermentation process before being dried on raised beds. In the cup, these factors lead to a complex but beautifully clean and round coffee that is bound to impress a wide array of drinkers. Happy to welcome this coffee back to the menu, next year we plan to visit Nariño and meet with the organizers of FUDAM - the farmers association to which Ener Arney and about 350 other producers belong.

Look for notes of brown sugar, raspberry and hard candy

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