Kenya - Giakania


Kenya holds a special place in the hearts of many coffee folks. Virtually every aspect of coffee from this country is unique - from its varietals and extended fermentation process to the auction-oriented purchasing structure. These factors contribute to median price points considerably higher than any other country in our recurring repertoire, but all of these singularities resound so splendidly in the cup that each year we carve out a little bit of space to introduce another. Because our overall volume is so low and because we have not had a sensible opportunity to visit Kenya and engage its idiosyncratic supply chain, we maintain a cup-focused and comparatively passive purchasing process. With this said, it is by happy accident that we have wound up with coffee from the same Cooperative Society two years in a row. Among Nyeri operations, Giakanja is well known and well established, factors that undoubtedly helped it to maintain a successful year despite harsh droughts in Kenya that lowered the overall harvest volume by 30%. In the cup, look out for a dazzling mix of dried fruit sweetness, sparkling acidity, and sneakily delightful herbaceousness in the finish.

Look for notes of fig, banana and candied ginger

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