Guatemala - Dos Socios


Last spring we had the opportunity to visit Finca los Dos Socios, in the mountains near La Libertad, Huehuetenango. The road up struck all of us for its sublime and intimidating rock formations, unlike any I had seen elsewhere in my coffee travels, that looked more like scenery for Jurassic Park than any other equally foolish reference we could call to mind. When we made our way to the coffee trees, the proportions stayed epic - los Dos Socios is a large and inspiring estate, and Concepción Villatoro, the weathered and soft spoken leader of their operation, manifests a humble aura of pride that one seldom witnesses. Much of the Villatoro family works on the farm as well, while Villatoro’s oldest granddaughter has recently earned a degree abroad in accounting, financed by the farm’s success. Over the years, their efforts have evolved remarkably, not only with regard to the overall quality of their coffee, but in their ability to separate lots and offer a variety of distinct options for export. With gentle fruit flavors of apple and pear atop a creamy and chocolatey body, our rendition of Dos Socios is a very versatile coffee that has earned a place in our lineup for several consecutive seasons.

Look for notes of pear, pistachio and butterscotch

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