Mexico - El Triunfo


The first Mexican coffee to hit our menu in years is made available to us by Red Fox Coffee Merchants, the same fine folks who brought springtime sip stealer Carmen Abad (Peru) to the table. This particular lot was on their radar due to Sir Adam McClellan’s longstanding relationship with the Cesmach co-operative, well regarded for its strong leadership, transparency, and demonstrable interest in delivering high quality coffees to higher paying markets. The coffee comprising this offering comes from 30 small farms bordering El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, a protected forest with strict organic and shade regulations. Among the deliveries throughout the harvest, the teams at Red Fox and Cesmach worked together to organize this lot by quality, flavor consistency, and water activity. In the end, what we’ve received is a lovely and versatile coffee that we think truly shines as an espresso or through immersion brewing methods, where its spicy melon acidity sparkles over a sticky sweet body.

Look for notes of melon, nutmeg and root beer.

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